Jordan Peele Does Impression of Chance the Rapper Watching “Get Out”

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  • We here at What’s Trending loved the movie “Get Out.” Why you ask? I don’t know, maybe because we live on Earth and junk, you know what I mean? Yeah, this guy knows what I’m talking about! It’s a great movie. So, we know what the audience thinks about “Get Out” (they love it), and we know what the Academy thinks about “Get Out” (they love it), and we know what the Foreign Press Association thinks about “Get Out” (they don’t love it enough), but we have to ask — what does Chance the Rapper think about “Get Out.” True, the rapper tweeted about his love for the film back when it came out about a year ago, but what did he look like while… watching it and really loving the ever living heck out of it? Well, wonder no more — because Jordan Peele, comedian superstar turned genre superstar, had an excellent impression of the rapper.

    It comes in Jordan Peele discussing the reactions he’s seen to the film from audience members and his favorite being from said “Chance.” His reaction? Well, you have to watch the video to find out.

    It’s fun, and reminds us of three all important things — “Get Out” is excellent, Chance the Rapper liked it, and Jordan Peele? Well, my friends. Jordan Peele is also excellent.

    What do you think of Jordan Peele’s impression of Chance the Rapper? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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