ItzArya Apologizes For Acid Attack Prank, Starts New Channel

YouTuber Arya Mosallah came under fire in January for a prank where he threw water in people’s faces. He has since apologized and created a new channel. Will his subscribers return?
By Alex Firer
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  • Controversial prankster ItzArya’s channel has been deleted on YouTube, but he vows to keep his content going.

    A few weeks ago we told you about ItzArya, a YouTube prankster who posted a video where he tossed water in people’s faces on the street. This drew anger across the UK, as the prank resembled a recent spate of acid attacks across the nation.

    17-year-old Arya Mosallah created his channel three years ago, and it was filled with videos like Pantsing People, Stealing People’s Hats, and Pouring Ketchup on People’s Shoes. At the time it was deleted, Mosallah’s channel had over 650,000 followers.

    In deleting the channel, YouTube cited its policy “prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.” But Arya lashed out on Instagram, writing: “My YouTube had been terminated, I hope you pricks are happy seeing someone’s job & happiness being taken away from them just like that.”

    He expressed similar feelings on Twitter, writing — “My YouTube channel has been terminated. I accept what I done was wrong but taking away 3 years of hard work and dream is going too far I never even mentioned ANYTHING about acid, it’s the media who flipped it on me but because they are more powerful no one will see my side.”

    Since apologizing, he’s launched a new channel on Twitter and has been uploading some of his old videos, including some real gems like the Smacking People’s Drinks Prank.

    He vows to post more even more extreme pranks and told the BBC: “I’ll push the boundaries until I get a million views.” There’s also a debate about whether or not the content violates YouTube’s terms of service if the pranks are staged.

    Arya wouldn’t confirm to the BBC whether or not his pranks are staged, but he said viewers “don’t know what happens in the background.” He continued: “What if all this wasn’t real? I just don’t think they should jump to conclusions like that.”

    What do you guys think? Did ItzArya deserve to have his entire channel deleted, or is this hypocrisy on YouTube’s part? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.