Michelle Obama Made Barack a Special Playlist on Spotify

This is a pretty good one too...
By Alex Firer
  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • I hope the Obamas continue to remind us of just how sweet their relationship is, because we are never not delighted by the whole thing. For Valentine’s Day, for example, Michelle Obama tweeted out a playlist she made just for her husband, and folks — our little hearts are very warmed. So, if you want to peer into the love life of America’s favorite presidential couple, take a peek at this list and give it a listen as well. It’s filled with nothing but the most romantic of songs, perfect for the attractive presidential couple with a healthy and publicly beautiful chemistry.

    So who do we have on the list. We have that kind of sex having tunes, Barry White, we have the one person to give Michelle Obama a run for her money, Beyoncé — and we have a new person on the scene at least in comparison to most of the people on this album, Kendrick Lamarr. Elton John makes the list and so does — Billy Joel? Michelle Obama, come on! It’s fine, it’s good. It’s sincere Michelle Obama. This list wasn’t meant for my snide music tastes. It was meant for the lovers of the world, and I expect— NAY — demand a baby boom due to all of the sex having had to this very playlist.

    Mrs. First Lady… thank you.

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