Stranger Things’ David K. Harbour Dances With Penguins

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  • Boy, David K. Harbour really wants to be a meme legend, huh? The guy just wants to be the Bill Murray of the “audience too young to care about Bill Murray” set. Except, he’s doing one thing Bill Murray has, to my knowledge, avoided. David K. Harbour is using his power of getting attention for good, and as Mr. Natural one said “Attention is power!” So thus David K. Harbour made a promise — for 500K retweets he will try to get Greenpeace to take him on Project Antarctic to dance with the penguins, a la (his now famous) dancing in front of Eleven meme. He knew it would be a fun video, but once he got there, he realized something — these creatures are majestic.

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  • David K. Harbour discussed the majesty of these creatures, and how he couldn’t imagine dancing with them once he saw their glory. Project Antarctic is of course Greenpeace’s attempt to build an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary for the species there, and David K. Harbour is of course excited to bring attention to it. However, the man has a promise to uphold, and dance with the penguins he did (but not before asking us all to sign a petition to help the penguins of the Antarctic)!

  • So won’t you sign it, my friend? Won’t you help David K. Harbour dance on up to penguins in that big snow arctic wasteland? Oh, please my friends. Please! I completely beg of you. What do you think of the Harbour dance? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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