LA Car Chase Drives Into Subway Tunnel

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  • The other day I was at a bar after a particularly perfectly fine comedy show, and the entire bar was transfixed not by sports — not by a “political debate,” but by the oldest of all Los Angeles entertainments, a high-speed car chase. Ah, a high-speed car chase — with a massive population all driving big old motor vehicles, and a police state and media eye that’s frankly — out of control — it’s no shock that a Los Angeles car chase is such a staple of the city. We didn’t, however, expect a move like this! While trying to escape the police, the car in this car chase drove through a gosh darned SUBWAY TUNNEL.

    It’s an impressive aspect of a car chase that frankly, while fun to watch, we can’t ignore the damage it causes to the environment around it. But, anyway — HE STRAIGHT UP DROVE INTO A SUBWAY TUNNEL. Well, from Twitter we know one thing — it slowed the hell down of the Gold Line!

  • Come on, car chase. Los Angeles is already hard enough to get through. Did you really have to pull this stuff, too? Tsk, tsk. It’s just not super fair. What do you think of the car chase though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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