14 Year Old Who Dressed Up as Sheriff and “Responded” to Crimes Has Been Arrested

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  • I can honestly say this — I have ZERO idea what teenagers are up to these days. One day they’re eating Tide pods, the next they’re singlehandedly changing the conversation about gun control, and the next they’re — dressing up like sheriffs and just being weird to people? This was the case in Victorville, California, after police discovered and arrested a fourteen-year-old boy who put on a sheriff’s costume, loaded up his grandfather’s car with fake guns, money and ballistic vests, put sirens on the darned thing and just drove around town looking for crimes to respond to.

    One of the “responses” was stopping a woman at a fake traffic stop, asking for her ID, then letting her off with a warning, which is an insane thing to witness I think. I mean, a child stopping you at a traffic stop? Kind of terrifying. He also turned on the emergency lights on his car to respond to a “domestic disturbance call,” and after a sixteen-year-old came out and told them no such call was made, he left.

    I have no idea what drove this kid, but it’s a pretty great and insane story. Good job all.

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