Honest Trailers Spoofs Both Arguments for “The Last Jedi”

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  • It was a temporary breath of fresh air when America took a pause from arguing about politics and argued about something much, much dumber and fun to discuss — whether or not the new Star Wars was any good, gosh darn it! Star Wars: The Last Jedi polarized fans of the original trilogy by showing Luke Skywalker as a degenerate hermit, showing everyone losing and dying, and going to a casino that many Star Wars fans declared as “different from what we are used to and thus upsetting”. Look, I am on the side of this movie being good, many are on the side of this movie being bad, and thus both opinions are given ground in the latest Honest Trailer for “The Last Jedi.” Two narrator voices come in and argue, as so many of our friends did, about the artistic merits of the pew-pew space movie.

    And look — I’m happy to hear the argument that you thought the horse races were dumb. No, really. No, it’s great. I love hearing about how all the parts of this great movie that took a risk were not to your liking. No, I love different opinions. This is lovely! In any case, the video ended with both parties discussing what they did enjoy about the movie. For example, the fight scene in Snoke’s throne room, Yoda hitting Luke with a stick, and the porgs! There we go. We’re all on the same page now!

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