Would You Eat a Chocolate Whopper?

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  • Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, which means that prank friendly brands all over the Internet unleashed their latest cruel attempts to trick us all. We covered Adult Swim’s weird as heck, non-canonical Rick and Morty video, but while no one really wanted their beloved Rick and Morty replaced, people had to admit — the idea of a chocolate Whopper didn’t sound so bad…

    Burger King launched an April Fool’s trailer for a chocolate Whopper featuring a delicious chocolate patty, raspberry syrup as ketchup, white chocolate rings as onions, candied oranges cut into tomatoes and delicious chocolate shavings. The only part of it that looks kind of disgusting is the bun — bread and chocolate? Such a concept is unspeakable!

    I mean, Rick and Morty’s Schezuan Sauce stunt proved there’s nothing really too insane for a fast food company to do. Can we make the chocolate burger a reality so I can eat it once, say, “oh that’s gross,” and go to sleep? I demand it, people!

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