A 10-Year-Old Just Became the Youngest WrestleMania Champion

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  • When it comes to pure theatrics, nothing can beat WrestleMania! Remember when John Cena proposed at last year’s WrestleMania? Soap opera stories and brawny women and men duke it out to the delight of all watching — but yesterday’s WrestleMania 34 shocked audiences with a new stunt more ridiculous than any before! Brau Strowman (who knew he needed a tag team partner in order to win WrestleMania) announced that his partner would be one of you. Yes, you! Also, known as the people in the audience, of course. Brau Strowman walked through the crowd, looking for his tag team partner, and found one in the absolutely unlikeliest of places — Nicholas, a 10-year-old who seemed absolutely horrified as he stayed huddled in the corner, waiting for Strowman to tag him in, but looking at certain doom if he did!

    In the end, Nicholas was tagged into the cheers of the crowd, and delightfully dominated WrestleMania. So, in case you ever thought wrestling was cake, a child from the audience just won a wrestling match.

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