If I cheated on my wife a week after my son was born, I don't know if she'd want to hold my hand either.
  • An ongoing goof (or tragedy depending on what side you’re on) is just how much Melania Trump seems to hate her husband, President Donald Trump. We’ve documented the wide array of videos available of Donald Trump trying to hold his wife’s hand and then proceeding to be quickly shut down. Well, here’s another one I guess, and a — kind of weirdly pathetic one. It shows Donald Trump just sadly trying to somehow entangle his fingers with his wife’s and being completely ignored. Finally, Melania takes his hand, but it was a journey to get there — one weirdly captured on MSNBC.

    So, there we go. More of the journey of Donald Trump — a weird, hateful guy whose wife won’t hold hands with him (probably because he cheated on her with Russian prostitutes and porn stars). American poetry, I’m telling you!

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