Who Murdered Rachael DelTondo? Bizarre Case Connected to Underage Sex, Corrupt Cops

Right now, local police are calling it a “crime of passion,” but there’s much more to the murder of Rachael DelTondo than meets the eye.
By Alejandra Moedano
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  • 32-year-old Rachael DelTondo was murdered in her mother’s driveway on Mother’s Day, but her past has many asking questions about the motive behind this act of violence.

    DelTondo was returning home from getting ice cream when up to 12 shots rang out from the street. Police are attempting to glean information from DelTondo’s cell phone, but currently have few leads and no description of a suspect. What makes this tragic story so intriguing, however, is how elements from DelTondo’s past may end up coming into play, and how the whole thing may be mixed up in a corruption scandal with the city of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

    So, let’s go back to February 6, 2016 when a police officer came upon DelTondo and a 17-year-old boy inside of a steamed-up car by the hospital at 2:00 in the morning. She told the officer that her and the boy were just talking and she pleaded with the officer not to tell her fiancé, Frank Catroppa. Police, however, found text messages and Snapchats between DelTondo and the boy, suggesting they did have a relationship.

    DelTondo was a teacher at Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, though the underage boy was not a student there. But, for some reason, that report was not officially filed with the Aliquippa School District, or local child services. The report eventually leaked to several local news outlets in late 2017, and the anonymous leaker alleged that local authorities had covered up the incident. After it was revealed, DelTondo was placed on paid suspension by the school.

    DelTondo’s fiancé, however, likely did find out, because their engagement was called off a year earlier. How do we know this? Well, he was the subject of a KDKA-Pittsburgh news report about trying to get a refund for her unused custom wedding dress.

    So, why wasn’t a report filed about DelTondo and the underage boy? It’s unknown, though DelTondo was apparently helping state police investigate those at the Aliquippa Police who may have helped cover it up. DelTondo was also apparently a source for the Beaver Countian, which has been reporting for some time about corruption in the department. And, many in the community had already connected this to DelTondo and her fiancé.

    A somewhat psychic comment from The Beaver Countian in December 2017 reads: “All the Aliquippa [slur for Italian-Americans] are up in arms about this humiliation of Frankie. Anyone know when DelTondo’s getting whacked?”

    Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker hasn’t spoken to the State Police about the ongoing investigation into the city’s police department, though he did take to Facebook to talk about DelTondo’s murder. He wrote: “I am sending my deepest condolences to her family and friends RWG RACHEL DELTONDO. PLEASE IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.”

    So, to recap, we have a murdered 32-year-old woman, a then-underage boy alone with her in a car, a scorned fiancé, an investigation into police corruption, a mayor under fire, and a local newspaper who was using the victim as a source. What do you guys think? Is the murder connected to DelTondo’s past, and are even more details to this dramatic backstory on the way? Let us know in the comments.

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