Kaleb Nation On His New “Harken” Book Series and Why 2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever

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  • YouTube personality, “Twilight” super fan, and author Kaleb Nation (yes, that’s his given name) started writing his first novel at age 14. That book was eventually published in 2009 as “Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse.” Another Bran Hambric book followed and now Nation returns with the start of new Young Adult series, “Harken.”

    At the What’s Trending Hollywood studio, Kaleb chats with Shira Lazar and Bree Essrig about his writing inspirations, YouTube vlogging series, and what’s in store for a thrilling 2013.

    “‘Harken’ is basically the story of a teenager named Michael Asher who discovers that our world is under the control of this race of creatures who aren’t from our planet, who secretly can control our world leaders, our celebrities, the wealthy, the media,” Kaleb informs us. “By controlling those four things that basically run our lives, they control our lives without us knowing.”

    It’s based on the Reptilianism conspiracy theory, which some believe actually does exist.

    “When I was growing up, my mother raised me on a lot of conspiracy theories,” he reveals. At first he thought his mom was crazy but then as he grew up, he began to research these ideas and realize that some of them could possibly be true.

    When asked to give advice to aspiring writers, Kaleb says, “write something that you really, really love,” especially because “readers can tell, whenever they read your book if it’s something that you wanted to write or something you just wanted to make a bunch of money off of.”

    With his new book out, 60SR YouTube channel up and running, and a TV show on the way, Kaleb is planning to commemorate what can only be an exciting year with his new “2013 is Ours” YouTube series, in which he asserts that 2013 will be the best year ever not just for himself but also for those in his online community. He’s going to document it by filming something every day and then combine the clips at the end of the week into a reality-type recap.

    Finally, Kaleb plays a 2013 preview guessing game, in which we challenge him to figure out whether certain titles belong to upcoming movies, TV shows, or video games. Play along with him AND NO GOOGLING!

    For a chance to win a “Harken” prize pack, let us know your favorite part of “Harken” or your favorite novel of all time in the YouTube comments!

    Check out the new novel at ReadHarken.com; subscribe to Kaleb on YouTube and follow him on Twitter.

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