iJustine’s Tips on How To Not Travel Like an Idiot

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  • Traveling can bring out the worst in people. No one enjoys feeling like human cattle being shepherded through stressful situations with lots of strangers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some respect for our fellow passengers.

    After recently enduring a not-so-great traveling experience, iJustine came to the conclusion that most people are idiots, herself included. So, she took the opportunity to offer some helpful tips on how to become less of a traveling idiot.

    1. Maintain personal hygiene. Specifically, shower and brush your teeth (seven times if you’ve gone out the night before).

    2. Make sure you’re catching the correct flight.

    3. Bring carry-on luggage that fits in the overhead compartment and/or under the seat in front of you.

    4. If you’re struggling to put your bag up in the compartment, step into your seat so people can pass by. And if you see someone struggling, offer to help!

    5. “If you feel like there’s a little bit of air gonna come out of your butt, just politely get up, go to the bathroom, and let the air out in the bathroom.” Recycled air, people!

    6. If the person next to you is sleeping when the snack cart comes around, get them something. They will, more likely than not, appreciate the gesture.

    Safe travels!

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