How Did Our Ancestors Get High?

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  • Ergot of rye? Fly agaric? Filtering hallucinogens through reindeer? What’s going on here?

    SciShow is keeping you smarter with their new video, “3 Weird Ways Olde Tyme People Got High,” which delves into the history of how humans have been processing plants for their narcotic effects for at least 5,000 years. Be it for the purpose of ceremony, religion, survival, nutrition, or, sure, recreation, our ancestors have been altering their minds with “natural” supplements since way before our time.

    So, enjoy this neatly packaged lesson about psychedelic compounds, toxic side-effects, ancient drug paraphernalia, and much more.

    Too cheesy to make a “getting stoned in the Stone Age” joke? Okay, we’ll leave the educational fun to the SciShow dudes.

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