Jasmine V Sings “Paint a Smile” Live and Shares The Personal Stories Behind Her Lyrics

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  • R&B star Jasmine Villegas first rose to fame as the girlfriend in Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video (as well as his real-life significant other at the time.) But since then, she’s become a massively popular singer, actress and model in her own right, releasing the hit tracks “Didn’t Mean It” and “Paint a Smile” to an appreciative audience. (She was first signed by Damon Dash to Sony Music at age 16!)

    Now Jasmine performs her latest single, “Paint a Smile,” live at the What’s Trending studio and chats with Shira Lazar, Chris Thompson, and her dedicated Jasminators about the personal stories behind her songs and what’s in store for an exciting 2013. Considering Jasmine’s enthusiasm for engaging with fans through social media, we also challenge her to decipher some of her silliest and most profound tweets!

    Following up from last summer’s “Didn’t Mean It” music video, Jasmine recently released a brand new video for her latest single, “Paint a Smile.” The two tell a continuous story with a very personal meaning for Jasmine, who reveals that, as portrayed in these videos, she had been in a domestic violence relationship.

    “You can never really know the stats of how much goes on because a lot of people don’t talk about it,” she says. “When I got out of it – thank God – I made the video […] and that was to help people that I know that might be going through it soon or have gone through it or are still in it.” She also partnered up with a domestic violence hotline (the calls increased by 50%) and Cover Girl to help spread a positive message and empower women.

    “When I was in my situation, I kept my mouth shut. I never told anybody,” she reveals. “The fact that I could be that voice for young girls is amazing.”

    To be a part of Jasmine’s fanbase and a chance to win some Jasmine V swag, check out her Jamplify site and spread the word for #PaintASmile!

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