5 Benefits of Joining a Student Organization

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Students are usually keen to join different types of groups and organizations. More than 80% of students take part in at least one group during their college years. Many of them join several groups at a time. They pursue different objectives when joining these entities, which may include student clubs and organizations, social fraternities and sororities, student government groups, academic and cultural groups, and many more.

Let’s review the 5 main benefits of joining a student organization. I hope they will encourage you to consider at least joining one at your college.

1. Building your network

You gain access to a large pool of new contacts by joining a student organization. You get to know new people to start building your network. This resource can be used later when building your professional career. What’s more, you also get to listen to a lot of great guest speakers who are invited to your campus by your student organization.

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2. Acquiring new learning and skills

Membership also paves the way for a lot of new learning opportunities. Many student organizations offer great opportunities to develop communication, critical thinking, conceptual thinking, organizational, and other skills. Be ready to select the types of training you need most. You should be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses objectively and try to close the identified gaps through effective learning.

3. Chance to serve your community

When you join a student organization, you get a chance to serve your community. This could be about providing community service or participating in volunteer work for some public benefit. This is not just about having a feel-good moment. It is more about establishing yourself as an integral part of the community and acting responsibly. Thus, you can set a great example for others to follow.

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4. Making your resume more impressive

Membership in a student organization always makes your resume look better. Potential employees often look for your experience as a volunteer or a community group member. They are interested to find out if you are able to work in a team effectively. If you are able to provide specific examples of your accomplishments, you increase your chances of getting recruited.

5. New friends

It is always nice to make new friends. The more people you know, the better you are able to empathize with them. It also helps develop your communication and interpersonal skills. Make conscious efforts to get to know new people regardless of your personality type. Always look for some new learning you can get from your new acquaintances or friends.

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Key Takeaways

There is a lot to gain from your membership in a student organization. It gives you access to new contacts, networks, and friendships. Not only are these great learning opportunities, but they will also prove extremely valuable later when you start building your professional career. Make the most of your participation in a student organization to learn, develop, and lead as you serve your organization and the larger community.


William Fontes is an accomplished writer, student coach, and researcher. He has worked with hundreds of students across the country, advising them on how to manage their academic workloads, improve learning styles, and strike a healthy study-life balance. William never disappoints his followers with sharp observations, easy-to-follow recommendations, and insightful findings.


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