Five Entertaining Las Vegas Highlights Without Visiting a Casino

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When thinking of Las Vegas, thoughts immediately turn to its famous Strip and its variety of world-class entertainment. Another appealing aspect of visiting Vegas for many holidaymakers is the opportunity to get a taste of the world-famous casino life that is on offer throughout the 26th-most populous city in the United States. 

For some people, though, the idea of spending most of their vacation frequenting high-end casinos doesn’t appeal, especially as there are so many other things you can do in the city, like relaxing in a hotel or motel, enjoying a meal or two at world-famous restaurants, shopping, and much more. That, coupled with the opportunity to experience an authentic casino gaming experience anywhere in the world these days anyway, thanks to the introduction of live dealer casino games, makes visiting a casino not as appealing as it used to be for some holidaymakers. Thankfully, if you’re of the same opinion, there are plenty of alternatives well worth experiencing in Sin City. After all, it’s a location that is known for its fun and excitement. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at five entertaining Las Vegas highlights without visiting a casino. 

Enjoy a feast at The Peppermill

A popular establishment in the city, The Peppermill is a venue like no other. From its late-night omelets to its glorious dance floor, you’ll never want to leave this classic diner. With access to a delicious menu of fruity cocktails and a setting filled with foliage and mirrors, it’s a venue that is well worth experiencing, especially if you’re in need of some delicious cuisine and a few drinks to kickstart your vacation in Vegas. The fact that the front half of the diner is open 24-hours a day means that you can access The Peppermill whenever you want, too. 


See a show at Park Theater

In terms of live entertainment, Las Vegas has an abundance of opportunities. A favored option for many, though, is Park Theater, a showroom that hosts some of the biggest and best performances in the world. Past performers include the likes of Bruno Mars and Cher, with the venue creating an amazing atmosphere thanks to its 5,200 capacity. 

Image: @Romansillusion | Twitter

Check out The Mob Museum

Throughout history, Las Vegas has been long associated with organized crime. The Mob Museum does a remarkable job of highlighting the criminal underworld and exactly what went on, with an insight into how law enforcement managed to fight against it also. The fact that it’s set in a former courthouse makes it an even more appealing opportunity for many, too. An all-round interesting and highly worthwhile thing to do, going to The Mob Museum should certainly form part of your Las Vegas itinerary. 


Go to a Golden Knights game at T-Mobile Arena

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Whether you’re into hockey or not, sampling the atmosphere on offer at a Golden Knights game is a great thing to do. Obviously, you need to be in town during the season, but if you are, then be sure to get your hands on a ticket for some NHL-themed fun.

Explore Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you’re in need of a break from the bright lights of the Strip and the loud music inside most of the city’s drinking holes, then a day exploring the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is well worth doing. Offering canyon trails and crimson cliffs, it’s a beautiful location to wind down and enjoy a relaxing hike in a truly unique landscape. If hiking isn’t your thing, then you can hire a car and drive a 13-mile loop through the park for a taste of the amazing scenery. You’ll certainly want to bring a camera with you for this particular activity.

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