Comedian TJ Miller On Changing His Appearance For Mike Judge’s “Silicon Valley” HBO Pilot

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  • Comedian TJ Miller stops by the What’s Trending studio to talk about HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” The Warner Sound‘s “Gorburger” show and react to some of pop culture’s finest actors turned singers.

    “Mike Judge is very specific about how people look in his projects and I think it’s because he’s an animator,” he says, noting that he casts his voice actors to look like his drawn characters. Even when TJ did the film “Extracts” with Mike, the director didn’t want to cast him because he didn’t look right for the part. The same happened with “Silicon Valley,” but TJ offered to change his look and then finally landed the role. “I grew out my hair and gained 20 pains.”

    “I play Erlich, who owns this place called a hacker house where you live for a cheap rate if you give me ten percent of your idea,” he says. “One of the inhabitants of the hacker house […] she’s sort of the lead of the show, has an idea that suddenly blows up and you’ll find out why.”

    Speaking of his Warner Sound series “Gorburger,” in which a giant alien monster takes over a Japanese morning show and interviews indie rock band, Miller says, “I voice it. I actually control it from the side with radio controls and there’s a motion capture guy […] inside the suit.” This season, they’re featuring huge music and celebrity acts like Eagles of Death Metal, Jack Black and Henry Rollins.

    He adds, “It’s fun because it’s all live. I’m really interviewing these bands.”

    Finally, we capture Miller’s hilarious reactions to YouTube videos of comedians-turned-singers and gather his opinions on whether or not these were appropriate life choices.

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