“Hello, Harto” Tour Kicks Off With “Don’t Wait To Say Hello” Crowdsourced Music Video

"Hello, Harto" Tour Kicks Off With "Don't Wait To Say Hello" Crowdsourced Music Video
By Amanda Walgrove
  • “My Drunk Kitchen” chef and all-around funny lady Hannah Hart kicks off her gigantic “Hello, Harto” tour today with a cheery music video that tells fans and friends around the world, “Don’t Wait To Say Hello.”

    As Hannah settles into her RV and makes her way to San Francisco, stay tuned into Hannah’s MyHarto YouTube channel for weekly updates from the road. She’ll be uploading a new tour video every Tuesday and a new “My Drunk Kitchen” (from kitchens around the country!) every Thursday.

    Bon voyage, Hannah!

    Find out what Hannah’s planning for her mega international tour in her What’s Trending interview.