Jessica Sanchez Performs “Tonight” And Talks “Glee,” “American Idol,” and Gaming

Jessica Sanchez Performs "Tonight" And Talks "Glee," "American Idol," and Gaming
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Music sensation and “American Idol” star Jessica Sanchez joined Ethan Newberry and Bree Essrig in the What’s Trending studio to perform her song, “Tonight,” and take fan questions about her booming career and album, “Me, You & The Music.”

    “Before ‘Idol,’ I used to sit at home and play video games all day,” she admits, citing X-Box as her console of choice. But now that she’s caught the attention of the nation, everything’s changed. “I’ve just been focusing on my music,” she says. “It’s been awesome. I love meeting all these people. Ne-Yo is amazing.”

    She also had a stint on “Glee,” of which she notes, “I’ve never acted before so it was a completely different experience for me. Luckily, the whole cast was amazing. They were so sweet and so humble.” She adds, “I would love to do it again.”