Vinny Guadagnino on MTV’s “The Show With Vinny” at Samsung’s Hope For Children 2013

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  • For the second year in a row, What’s Trending streamed live from the Samsung Hope For Children gala blue carpet, where we teamed up with Samsung to fulfill their commitment to causes that help children discover the wonder of life, learning, and our planet.

    At the star-studded event, Shira Lazar talks with Vinny Guadagnino of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and now “The Show with Vinny,” the only talk show shot entirely inside the Guadagnino family home in Staten Island, New York.

    Though Guadagnino is used to having his life shown on television, this new setup inside his own home provides for many more embarrassing moments, especially with his mom around. “In the Jersey Shore house it was a little bit removed,” he says. “There were a couple other crazies around to take the distraction away.”

    With this new series, Guadagnino says, “You can expect the biggest A-list celebrities coming into my house in Staten Island and you get to see them in a real way because they’re not being scripted, there’s no pre-interview, they’re just in their raw form and having a good time.”

    Finally, the reality star tells shares why Samsung’s Hope For Children gala means so much to him. “It’s important to use my influence, and every young celebrity should use their influence, because kids listen to us,” he says. “It’s good to spread positive messages.”

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