Olga Kay Reacts To The Weirdest And Wackiest YouTube Videos This Week

Olga Kay Reacts To The Weirdest And Wackiest YouTube Videos This Week
By Amanda Walgrove
  • The Mistress of MOOOSH, Olga Kay, joins Ethan Newberry and Shira Lazar to talk about the weirdest and wackiest videos on YouTube this week. Tweet us your favorite Olga video with #WhatsTrending and win a code to get her Quarterly gift boxes free!

    With one look at the mesmerizing video, The Deep by PES, Olga laments that she can’t do stop-motion animation. “I wish I could do everything!” she says. “So I can start more channels and do all of that.”

    The adorable Disneyland Costume Flyaround video brings back childhood memories of…no Halloween?! “In Russia, we didn’t have Halloween until recently,” she says. “I’ve never experienced that.” Who volunteers to take Olga trick-or-treating?

    Meanwhile, for the Red Sox Fan Takes Off Shirt Spills Dr Pepper All Over Himself video, there really are no words, except maybe, “Oh wow…”

    We’ve also got a breakout YouTube in our midst, with Johnny Dee’s cover of “Tonight I’m Loving You” by Enrique Iglesias. Olga is in full support of his channel. “Please subscribe. You never know what might happen … seven years from now, he might the number one YouTuber.” We smell a collab!

    And finally, we take a look at Ylvis’ follow-up to “The Fox,” their bizarre ode to Massachusetts, which…Olga doesn’t get, either.

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