Dear Netflix: I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear Netflix: I'm Breaking Up With You
By Whatstrending
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  • I think it’s time I start seeing other services like Hulu Plus or even that Redbox that we used to scoff at.

    At first I was reluctant to sign up with you because I had been in a long term relationship with Amoeba Records. It was fun, but monetarily draining. I’ll always remember the fun times; after all, I have the box sets of “Sliders: Season One and Two” and “Six Feet Under: The Complete Series” to remember them by. But, after I graduated college, I knew it was time to move on to someone who would be able to expand my vision of the movie world past my limited experience.

    You were there for me at that time Netflix. You seemed to know what films I would like (based on my previous rentals and ratings), and you never kept me waiting longer than two days. Your streaming video collection was available to meet all my emotional needs, whether I wanted to watch season four of “The Office” or was feeling a bit more “Lady Vengeance.” When you told me that you could stream content to my gaming devices, we moved past that 13” laptop monitor stage and onto that 17” television screen part of our relationship. We had some adventurous times, including that one period that I shared my password with all my friends so they could use my Netflix account. You didn’t even complain — or maybe you never knew.

    But, then you started to change. There was the announcement that you were breaking your partnership with Showtime; then, there was the news that the Criterion Collection was moving to a new Hulu Plus home. You accused me of not returning my disc, even though I walked all the way to the post office drop box to ensure you would receive it. All these things put a strain on our relationship, but you would always win me back by adding more streaming content like “The Human Centipede: First Sequence,” the latest season of “Hoarders” or the rest of the new arrivals in your streaming video collection.

    Sadly, Netflix, this is the last straw. I know the difference of about $6 isn’t that big in the grand scheme of things, but it is a 60 percent increase, and it follows a still fresh rate change from earlier this year. I don’t want to stick around until things get unbearable, Netflix. I think it’s time we part ways, and I find a new online movie service to cater to my needs. It’s going to be hard — especially since I’ve still got 126 movies on my Instant Queue left to watch and about 86 DVDs left to borrow. But I know, when I leave you for another service, I’m not going to be alone.

    P.S. I’m not giving you back those two discs I still have out.

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