Cinemax’s Skin-A-Max app on iPad: Like/Dislike

Cinemax's Skin-A-Max app on iPad: Like/Dislike
By Whatstrending
  • by Devin Brown

    Cinemax has slipped through Apple’s strict no porn policy by introducing a new app for the iPad that features their more risky titles like “The Hills Have Thighs.” Apple has a history of denying other institutions with similar content from becoming available through theApp Store, but it seems that they don’t consider Cinemax After Dark questionable content. What’s Trending Live asked our panelists YouTube star Shay Carl and social media expert Amy Jo Martin what they thought of this new development on everyone’s favorite segment, Like/Dislike.

  • You online unanimously liked the Go Max app, while the panel was split. Digital Royalty’s Martin liked the app because she appreciates an “equal opportunity space,” while the parent in Carl gave it a dislike. “I gotta say thumbs down, but it’s kind of like the government controlling media, you almost can’t at this point.”

    A new week, a new posing meme. On the heels of the popular planking and the semi-successful owling, a new meme has taken the Internet by storm. Horsemanning, which is an homage to the headless horseman of lore, has gone viral, which mean any self respecting fan of the Internet is doing it.

    Even the ladies at the Playboy Mansion have payed tribute. Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford even horsemanned on the Today Show. The majority of you guys online have embraced the creative meme some even posting your own photos of the act. The panel gave it two thumbs up with Carl not just liking but adding, “Love it. Let’s do it right now!”



    Over in Moscow, a safety campaign unveiled an app they call “Death Revealer” that does just that. The mobile app uses GPS so they users can see an array of information including pictures and video about any local accidents. The morbid app is meant to help with traffic, but also gives a look at some sad realities.

    Most of you guys online disliked the app while the panel both liked it, but not outright. Martin said, “I cant say I love the content, of course, its not easy to watch,” but liked it nonetheless. Carl gave a similar response saying “It’s kind of weird to me but I get the appeal of it.”