Twitter Terrorism: Free Speech or Jail?

Twitter Terrorism: Free Speech or Jail?
By Matthew Arevalo
  • Twitter terrorism made the headlines today when two people in Velacruz, Mexico falsely tweeted that a school was under attack and children had been kidnapped. Car accidents and blocked phone lines ensued in the mass panic. The tweeters are now facing up to 30 years in prison for their stunt. What’s Trending Live wonders should there be social responsibility behind what you put on social media?

  • “This actually isn’t a story about Twitter ( This is a story about two idiots that did something dumb in Mexico and they used Twitter as their megaphone to do it,” said manager of social innovation and executive leadership for Twitter Claire Diaz-Ortiz. “Twitter is one platform that does it… it’s a way that spotlights a megaphone on what people are doing.”

    According to the BBC, human rights organizations are up in arms because it seems that these two men might not have meant to cause harm but accidentally falsely posted incorrect information.

    Host Shira Lazar brought up an interesting point and asked if there was a difference between free speech and yelling fire in a crowded theater when it comes to social media.

    “The internet is a series of people learning the same lessons over and over about the things that they post,” comedian Dave Holmes added.