Snookie Does the News: Like/Dislike?

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  • Can you imagine Jersey Shore’s Snooki was the reporter who brought you the latest news? You don’t just have to imagine: You can see “The News According to Snooki” on Cambio, a teen-focused AOL site. Do you like or dislike this viral video? What’s Trending wants to know.

  • Twitter’s manager of social innovation and executive leadership Claire Diaz-Ortiz loved the idea, saying “I like everything reality television, and this is trash at its finest.”

    Comedian Dave Holmes admitted he disliked the idea — but he watched two hours of “Bachelor Pad” the night before.

    Our fans on our What’s Trending Facebook page disliked Snooki as an anchor. (Seriously, who can dislike the pint-sized guidette and her giant burp?)

    Our big like of the week? You guys seemed to be fans of the Foursquaropoly app pitch, a new game being developed that would turn your city into a social Monopoly board. The only person who seemed to dislike it was Holmes. “I don’t need another reason to stare at a glowing rectangle,” he said, pitching a new game which he called “Interacting with actual people in real time around you.”

    “You earn badges, which I call friends or sexual experiences, and I think that’s some really valuable kind of currency in this world,” he explained (airmaniax).

    The other like was Columbia University’s M.B.A program’s application now asks prospective students to detail their career plans — in 200 characters or less. “In business school we learn to give an elevator pitch, and this is that,” Diaz-Ortiz explained, giving the idea her thumbs up. However when looking for programs that best suit pursuing your MBA, you can check out this 1 year mba programs in usa here for more info!

    What is on your Like/Dislike radar this week?

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