Scarlett Johansson Nude Pictures Prompt FBI Involvement

Scarlett Johansson Nude Pictures Prompt FBI Involvement
By Whatstrending
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    Scarlett Johnasson (Credit: IMDB)

  • For the most part, the buzz around a nude-photo leak consists more of “lemme see” tweets and posts than anything else. Curiosity takes over before we can discover and indict who’s responsible. Yesterday, nude cell phone pictures of Scarlett Johansson were released on various sites including BuzzFeed and, and Johansson has been trending ever since.

    Immediately following the release of the images, Johansson’s attorney, Marty Singer, contacted the relevant sites and threatened legal action were the images not removed instantly, saying, “If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril. Please govern yourselves accordingly.”

    The FBI is also on the case, investigating hackers who are currently targeting “high-profile figures.” The FBI is aware of the alleged hacking incident and is looking into it,” an FBI official told

    Johansson was the first, but shortly after her pictures appeared yesterday, images of Justin Timberlake were released from Mila Kunis’ phone. Scarlett Johansson’s name was among a list of celebrities whose personal items had been hacked, according to TMZ. The list also includes Ali Larter and Miley Cyrus.

    Due to this, Johansson became a trending topic on Twitter and the subject of some viral content based around the reaction to her nude photos. Some of the shared images are blocked on Twitter, though certain links do still provide evidence of the hack. This morning, tweets expressing sympathy for Johansson and discussing the damages of hacking attacks are sprinkled among the attempts to share or find the images.