It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! How To Surf The High Seas Online
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    Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud (Credit: Disney.com)

  • Ahoy me matey: It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day. If ye don’t want to annoy your office mates with your buckaneer-themed banter, here’s ways you can celebrate pirate talk online. (Don’t let the National Geographic story that pirates didn’t talk like pirates discourage your from using improper slang and grammar.)

    The holiday was started by two friends-turned-scallywags from Orgeon, but now anyone can join in on the action. Switch your Facebook page to English (Pirate). The setting can be found in the bottom left of the page. And, search for Web treasure with Google Pirate. Note the sidebar which features your Everythin’, Engravin’s, Videos, Shoppin’ and Moorr.

  • If you want to tweet like a pirate, check out Post Like A Pirate, your handy pirate language translator.

    But, if you need to work on your pronunciation, check out What You Ought To Know’s handy tutorial.

  • How are you celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day?