“Gears of War 3” and Qwikster: Trending Now

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  • – President Obama’s speech about the federal debt trended highly on Monday with over 20,000 social mentions.  We’ll see how congress responds to his assertion that he would veto any plan that did not include tax increases for the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations.

    The Clinton Global Initiative is going on in New York this week.  World leaders have gathered to discuss and work on  solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.  Let’s hope they know that the online community has building some awesome tools for social good.

    – With the Facebook F8 conference set for Thursday, the buzz about new revisions and announcements for the social network are racing around the the web.  From a music service to a new media platform to a slew of new profile buttong, people want to know what next for Facebook.

    Gears of War 3 had 1.5 million pre-orders before it officially went on sale today.  The third person shooter from Xbox is the first of many hotly anticipated video game releases between now and Christmas.

    Google Wallet, the Android app that makes your phone your wallet, is officially out.  But, don’t throw out your old wallet just yet, the Google version is only available for the Sprint Nexus S 4G and the majority of business set up to use it are fast food joints and convenience stores.

    – On Sunday Netflix quickly announced Qwikster, the new banner that will be taking over their DVD by mail business. The blog post and You Tube video that announced the changes also included an apology by Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings to anyone who might have been upset with the way in which the company revealed their recent price increase.

  • From “Gears of War 3”, the first hotly anticipated release of a busy Fall for video games to what exactly is going with Netflix – I mean, Qwikster – Here’s what’s trending now.

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