• Today nearly a billion people will lift a cup of java to their lips whether they know it’s National Coffee Day or not. We consume over 400 billion cups a year and coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. But where did it all start?

    Legend has it that some time in the sixth century an Ethiopian goatherd noticed the simulating effect that some berries were having on his livestock and began to experiment with the seeds. About a hundred years later coffee emerged as a popular beverage in Arabia. Hundreds of years (and cups) later, coffee is a tremendously diverse, divisive and dominant beverage.

    But, maybe, just maybe, on this one, special, made-up holiday we can all put aside our differences and just enjoy a cup of joe, java, tar, brain juice, lifeblood, jolt, fix, mother’s helper, rocket fuel, wakey juice, morning thunder, plasma, grind, high octane, liquid lightning, high test, hot fat, mud, murk, zip-zip, caffe, cuppa, jitter juice or coffee.

    Here’s what some of you are saying about your daily infusion.

  • What’s your cup of joe?