Justin Beiber Tried to Kiss Me #underthemistletoe

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  • Justin bieber under the mistletoe album cover 300x290
  • Keeping all this is mind, you can in-vision the sheer devastation that was caused when this simple hashtag which carried so much fictional weight turned out to be attributed to a new Justin Beiber album … seriously. Not a truly magical moment where two star crossed lovers find themselves under this seasonal branch and have no choice but to give way to social norms and met in the middle, with a kiss … nope, not that. Still just a Beiber album. Obviously it’s a Christmas album and I’m sure he’ll knock off a few classics interspersed with some new songs that will probably become the songs our children will sing during this blessed holiday, but I digress.

  • The album, Under the Mistletoe (CD/DVD combo) comes out on November 1st one month and one day after it started trending. I will now go drown my sorrows in egg nog, which I will have to make from scratch … because no one is selling egg nog yet. Merry early Christmas everyone.

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