Women Beat Men in Social Media

  • According to some recent research, Women are more active on social media than men. Ladies pulled up even with the guys back in 2009, but since that time they have continued to gain ground. Today, women trump men by at least 12% when it comes to using sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep up with friends, family and even co-workers.

    Nick Kroll started us off with a laugh saying, “I think that men are online, they’re just using a social media that they don’t want to discuss publicly.” To which Alison Haislip quipped, “It’s only social with themselves.”

    All of the ladies were surprised that the study reported that men’s first choice for keeping in touch is the telephone.

  • When the conversation turned to Alison, who is very active online, she told us, “I’ve gotten jobs because of what I do on social media.” She continued to explain that perhaps some social networking, like Facebook, is like scrapbooking, which might be more intuitive to women.
  • Nick did wonder if they took fantasy football into account in the research. He told us that there are over 30 Million people playing fantasy football and, while not all of them are men, between message boards, forums and blogs, it is very much social networking.

    Alison chimed in to tell us that she is in two leagues and is pretty good at talking smack when her teams do well. Nick tried to convince us that he is an avid reader of “mommy blogs,” but we’re not quite sure we believe him.