Ghosts, Saints and Patriots: Free Music Monday
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  • This week we have Southern step teams, indie pop ballroom dancing, and a flying rolling chair that we are currently trying to find for our office. Some of our featured bands are even giving away the songs as a free download. The price is right and the music is great.

  • Delta Rae hails from North Carolina, which has a rich folk music tradition and in recent years has produced some greats like The Avett Brothers and Steep Canyon

    Rangers. Delta Rae is a rare band: they sing beautiful harmonies, produce great dark music videos like this one for “Bottom of the River,” and make beats using hooded step teams from the gentlemen at Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. When you watch the video and love the song (because you will) the band is also giving it away as a free download. What a great way to start the week!

    Saint Motel takes us to the legendary club, The Roxy, with a great first person video for “Puzzle Pieces.” This video follows the band to a show where one of their dancers gets injured and the lead singer has to step in. After some nerves he dances and earns a standing ovation, but we’re not sure how he sings and plays piano while dancing… music video magic. More magical, Saint Motel is offering the song up as a free download. Two great songs for free this week? Yes.

    Pluto Jonze this week gives us a throwback video for “Plastic Bag in a Hurricane.” This video within a video within a video is probably trying to explore the deep interlinking of modern media and the separation it creates between band members while easily keeping a cohesive sound… or maybe it just looks rad. Either way INDMUSIC recommends against filming a plastic bag in a hurricane. It might be the most beautiful thing you ever see, but it is dangerous. Stay inside.

    Ghost Beach has a winning video formula: put a pretty girl in the woods throwing herself a dance party. Why didn’t I think of that? The video for “Empty Streets” is well shot and a lot of fun to watch. Guess what? Once you watch the video and fall in love with this synth-drench dance song, the band is offering up the song as a free download. Three great songs for free? Monday just got a little awesome.

    The Patriotic Sunday gives us a cool stop motion and animated video for “a set of seemingly disconnected words.” We get transported to a world of stylized worm holes and racing office chairs that will make you wonder why yours is so boring. The band sets themselves apart by making outdated animation surprisingly modern.

    To see our break down of all the videos and watch the playlist please visit: https://www.youtube.com/indmusic


    Jon Baltz is Co-Founder and VP of Marketing for INDMUSIC, a YouTube channel that aggregates the best music content on the web. If you produce music videos for YouTube and would like to be featured or interested in joining the network email: [email protected]