Felicia Day: The Guild, Dragon Age and Why She Loves the Cons

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  • Felicia started us off by telling us that she doesn’t think she’s had a day off since Comic Con, almost 4 months ago. As we dipped into the what she’s been up to, that was not surprising.

    The big news recently for the actress is the launch of Dragon Age: Redemption. Dragon Age is Day’s favorite role playing game and she created a project that is much more than a webseries. “You can also download Mark of the Assassin…and play fully with my character,” Felicia told us.

    When it comes to managing all of the creative hats that she wears, Day told us that isolating herself in order to write is usually the hardest part. In addition to that she said, “I’m doing my two email a day rule.” Meaning, she only checks it once in the morning and once in the evening. Impressive.

    You might also think that Day would be tiring of all the fan conferences after 5 season of The Guild, but it’s quite the opposite. Felicia said about Cons, “They built our show basically from the ground up.” She continued to explain that when The Guild first launched she stood out front of Comic Con handing out flyers and still loves going.

    We also received some great questions from our followers on Facebook and Google+ and the gracious actress answered them all. One rather inspiring bit of wisdom Day imparted was, “Failure is actually something you learn more from than success.”

    Check out the whole Influencer segment with Felicia Day right here.

  • Who is your favorite character on The Guild?

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