WikiLeaks Battles Banks to Stay Alive
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  • Our panel got into this right away with Justin Willman calling the situation, “financial censorship.” He continued to explain that if people want to donate to Wikileaks, they shouldn’t necessarily be impeded by a “middle man.”

    Taryn Southern admitted she was aware if WikiLeaks, but that she did not feel the issue immediately affected her.

    At this point we added Trevor Timm, an activist and blogger for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, tot he conversation. Timm lent his expertise on the issue calling out Senator Joe Lieberman as one of the U.S. political leaders who encouraged private business to severe ties with Wikileaks.

    Timm also addressed Taryn’s position saying, “Whether you like WikiLeaks or not, this…is a way for the government to get around the 1st Amendment. And, it happen next time to anybody.”

    Watch the whole compelling segment right here.

  • Do you think we need a website like WikiLeaks?