Are Google and YouTube Redefining Television?
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  • Google announced last week that it’s bringing 100 new original channels to the fore of web video entertainment with 25 hours of programming a week. The content is scheduled to roll out this fall, and will feature A-listers including Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Jaz-Z, and Shaquille O’Neal to name a few.

    So what does this mean for amateur video producers? Has YouTube gone completely Hollywood, and if so is this good or bad for the industry? What’s Trending panelists Alex Albrecht and Jamie Kennedy weighed in on the situation.

    “The news isn’t Google invests money in celebrities to make more money,” said Alex. “That’s the news story everyday. Google invests hard money in people who started on YouTube, who are able to generate great quality content on YouTube.”

    “If they can monetize it, and people make money it’s good,” said Jamie. “If it’s just another outlet where you gotta pitch YouTube, and hope that they like you…the Hollywood system gets annoying because you have to pitch…”

    Check out the full Real Time conversation here.

  • Do you think the new YouTube channels will be a game-changer for web television?