Tim Tebow, the Trending Quarterback

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  • Last night, Tebow defied the critics once again when he put his team on his back late in the fourth quarter and drove 95 yards to victory. This morning, “Tim Tebow”, “Denver Broncos” and “Broncos Jets” are monopolizing 3 of the top 5 searches on Google Trends.

    What is amazing is that no matter what the uber-Christian, inconsistent QB does, it trends. When he does something silly, it turns into a meme that spreads like wild fire, when he loses, the web hotly debates his worth, and when he pulls of a miraculously win against all odds, the web…well, it also hotly debates his worth. Point is, despite the 5-5 season for Denver, this 2nd year starter our of Florida has peaked the interest of football fans online.

    Here’s what some of you had to say after last nights game.

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