Harley Morenstien of Epic Meal Time on YouTube, TV Pilots and Bacon

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  • Making giant meals was not Harley’s first internet video idea, or his first job. He actually started out as a teacher. Thankfully EMT pulled him away from the classroom and into the kitchen where he and his crew of foodies have gained a lot of recognition. Harley told us that the key to the show is, “Liquor, cameras, bacon, editing, and uploading.”

    Harley suspects that most people watch the show because it’s “dumb” and that people like dumb things. As for how he is viewed by most people he told us, “I think they look at me as a drunk moron on the internet actually.” We’re not sure that’s correct as the web-friendly network G4 recently shot a pilot starring Morenstein.

    When it comes to making a hit show online, the epic host did have some good tips. Most importantly he said, “Do it, man. Do it and do it every week. And, don’t stop doing it.”

    Thanks to a sound-effect donated by Epic Meal Time, we can say that the interview is safe for work. You can see the whole epic chat with Harley Morenstein, below.

  • What is the most “epic” meal you have ever eaten?

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