Innovator: Opportunity Green Spotlights Business As a Driver For Good

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  • Every year, the Opportunity Green conference spotlights unconventional ideas that push the envelope in the sustainability sector and use business as a driver for good.

    From big name brands to small social enterprises, which might’ve called upon services such as commercial videography, innovators from around the country gather to showcase their eco-conscious products, designs, and business models created to instigate worldwide social change. Opportunity Green co-founder Karen Solomon started the organization and movement to cultivate a “Mafia for Good.”

    The big story at this year’s annual event was the HydroPack pouch, which pulls contaminates out of polluted water and adds nutrients, making it safe for people in the developing world to drink.

    “We’re telling the story of social innovation that we as a capitalistic country can make money for our shareholders, especially the ones that buy shares online and trust us to progress on their behalf,” shared Solomon. “We can change the world doing that, and I think the HydroPack is the perfect example.

    Gaylon White, Director of Design Programs at Eastman Chemical Company, which provided materials for the HydroPack says, “The people who are really making a difference in sustainability and also new product development are entrepreneurs and also designers. It’s not the big corporations. So if we can connect with the entrepreneurs and the designers than we can contribute to that innovation.”

    Check out our video on Opportunity Green and the HydroPack pouch.

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