Va Va Voom! Want to be in Nicki Minaj’s Next Video?

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  • If the answer to the title question was “yes,” then here’s the criteria you’ll need to meet:

    “Gorgeous Male, African American, Mixed Ethnicity, Super Sexy, Super Hot Age 23-28”

    So … good looking, is what I take away from that. The context goes a little like this – a while back Miss Minaj dropped the knowledge on the world of her intent to create a branded perfume (not unlike her pop star peers Britney and J-Lo), a while after that the news started floating around that the perfume would be called “Va Va Voom.” Then today, an open casting call from the Tysum Agency for a new music video from Nicki Minaj titled “Va Va Voom” hit the net and twitter exploded.

    Is this a music video for her perfume? Is this a new single? Is it both? No one knows really, but the speculation alone is fun enough!

  • Well now you have the … facts (?) no official word from the Minaj camp just yet – but, if you want to follow the rabbit down that hole (and you meet the above criteria) then drop your information on the Tysum Agency and find out first hand what this “Va Va Voom” is all about! Oh, and if you do find out, please let twitter know, it’s going a little crazy.

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