Fail: Bike Race Leader Celebrates Win a Lap Too Early (VIDEO)

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  • CIV race leader Riccardo Russo made an unfortunate mistake at the 2012 Italian CIV championship race in Mugello, unintentionally ending his run a lap too early.

    Maybe he imagined the checkered flags, but the Yamaha Team Italia FMI rider stood up on his pegs and raised his hands above his head to celebrate his Stock 600 “victory.” As the MotorsTV commentator noted, either he’s wrong or everyone else is wrong. “He’s going to zero-point out of this one,” he said. “There’s no way back for him.”

    In the truly penultime lap, Russo held a lead of approximately three bike lengths, but after his premature finish, Alessandro Nocco would eventually pass Nicola Morrentino on the last turn of the final lap, with Russo taking a dejected 14th place.

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