‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Official Trailer: Scary, Stupid or Just a Good Time? (VIDEO)

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  • Guest post by Kay Honda

  • With this trailer climbing up to 100,00 views, everyone is wondering what’s good with the Paranormal Activity franchise. There’s a constant argument between “this sucks” and “I just peed myself” scary. Paranormal Activity is innovating a now recently popular phenomenon of hand-held, “found footage”-style horror movies, a la The Blair Witch Project in 1999, and more recently, Cloverfield in 2008.

    Now, with the fourth installment, Paranormal Activity is clouded by skepticism. Top Commenter VFGRapture puts it into perspective for us:

    “P1 : Door opens

    P2 : More doors open

    P3 : A lot of doors open

    P4 : TWO doors open˛ˇ at the same time ! TAKE MY MONEY”

    But there’s also a social angle for this one! Using geo-location tech, fans are invited to vote on Facebook through Paramount Pictures’ “Want It” app to help determine the first 25 cities that will get to the film.

    It’s true that the horror movies don’t necessarily haunt your dreams, but for fans of the supernatural, they can be worth the thrilling ride. So take your Paranormal Activity experience with a grain of salt because whether it’s for laughs or screams, it always attracts some major cinema hype.

    Will you check out Paranormal Activity 4 come October 19?

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