Utah Construction Sign Flashes ‘God Hates Gays’ (VIDEO)

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  • Tuesday night, an unidentified suspect hacked a construction sign in Provo, Utah, causing it to flash “God Hates Gays” in alternation with “Follow Detour,” sending a shocking meassage to drivers along the Interstate 15 highway.

    Provo is known as the home of Brigham Young University for students of Mormon faith — a religion that is not supportive of the gay lifestyle.

    Upon seeing the offensive sign while driving along University Ave, YouTuber SaveYourself777 uploaded a video called, “Really Provo?” because she “thought this was messed up.”

    The Huffington Post reported that the mechanism that covers the message board’s computer was left unsecured, allowing access for anyone to manipulate it. But someone would’ve had to walk directly up to the sign, as there was no way to alter it remotely.

    The message was removed around 5:30 am on Wednesday and the Utah Department of Transportation is now taking precautions to secure roadside signs and prevent them from being manipulated by passersby.

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