Best Bar Mitzvah Entrance Dance Ever Ft. Madonna (VIDEO)

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  • On March 14, 1992, Shaun Sperling took a rite of passage, reading from the sacred Torah to be recognized as an adult by the Jewish faith. But on Sperling’s big day, one crucial ingredient still needed to infused into the event that saw him making the transition from a boy to a man: MADONNA.

    Roughly 20 years later, on August 10, Shaun Sperling uploaded this YouTube video of himself performing a full-blown, choreographed dance routine to the the pop star queen’s hit song, “Vogue,” with online viewers cheering on his ’80s tribute.

    His outfit was even Madonna-themed. And by that, we mean he had Madonna’s face stitched into the back of his crisp, white button down shirt.

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