Top 5 Today: Curtis Golden X Factor, Comedians in Cars, OH MY DAYUM, and more!

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  • What’s Trending brings you the Top 5 YouTube videos Trending Now for August 20th, 2012! We’ve condensed the hottest, buzziest, most hilariously outrageous videos trending on the Web today and brought them all here in a convenient package.

    5. “Curtis Golden’s audition – The X Factor UK 2012” – This quirky Buxton boy surprises the judges with his calm, cool performance and smooth voice.

    4. “Reaction to the Odd Life of Timothy Green” – SPOILER ALERT: This video will give away the ending to The Odd Life of Timothy Green. It’s common to have a good cry during a Disney film — at any age — but these boys might be taking that emotion to another level.

    3. “Games We Play” – a warm and fuzzy compilation of those mind-games you make up for yourself on the go.

    2. “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Just a Lazy Shiftless Bastard” – In the latest episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s web show, Alec Baldwin joins his fellow New York-based, NBC actor for a leisurely drive and a bite to eat.

    1.”OH MY DAYUM” – The Gregory Brothers of YouTube channel, schmoyoho have taken Daym Drops‘ viral Five Guys food review to the next level with an auto-tuned remix.

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