Larry King Talks YouTube Politics, Suspenders, and HBO’s ‘Newsroom’

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  • Iconic radio, television, and now Internet host Larry King enjoyed his first-ever “geek out” in the What’s Trending studio, where he chatted with Shira Lazar and Lamarr Wilson about his show on Ora TV, upcoming coverage for YouTube’s Politics channel, and rapidly evolving Internet pop culture.

    Starting with his first political convention in 1964, Larry King has covered every convention since. But this year he’s changing it up and doing live coverage (from the What’s Trending Hollywood studio!) for YouTube’s newly launched Politics channel, starting with the Republican convention this coming Monday and Tuesday.

    Aside from having Larry King as a key contributor, the YouTube Politics coverage is sure to stand out from networks in a big way.

    “The host will not have opinions; he will have questions,” King said. “We’ll bring the thoughts of others to your home through their vision…and hopefully make you a better educated voter.”

    After Shira and her legendary guest bonded and joked over bagels, Jewish heritage, and social media, King gave his opinion on some recent pop culture fads — online and on television.

    “I like it a lot,” King said of HBO’s controversial series, The Newsroom. Many elements remind him of his own tales and colleagues from the news world. And now, King has been creating new experiences with his foray into web entertainment.

    For example, he recently made videos with YouTubers Mystery Guitar Man and DeStorm, about which he joked, “This is the future? We take talent and we midgetize them and they play guitars.”

    King still manages to be a pioneer of his own business by enthusiastically jumping into these new platform. “It’s a wide universe. It’s a wide scope,” he said. “There’s room for so many things.” And we’re lucky to have Larry King as a part of that scope.

    We can’t help but think of the man himself when he states, “There’s a lot to be said for longevity. If you’re around a long time, you’re doing something right.”

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