How to Separate An Egg Yolk Using a Plastic Water Bottle

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  • Jifenzhong, a handicraft DIY site, uploaded this video to its jifenzhongDIY YouTube channel, showing a step-by-step tutorial on how to separate an egg yolk with near perfection using a simple, everyday item.

    Employing the suction powers of an empty, plastic water bottle, the demonstrator displaces the yolk and transfers it to another plate, fully intact and ready for cooking, trashing, or eating.

    This process is completed not once, but three full times, proving that this whole water bottle thing isn’t just a fluke.

    And if you’re interested in more DIY tips, the same site offers practical advice on such topics as “How to pick the shrimp line,” “How to thin chin,” and “How to demand a kiss.”

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