Subreddit Challenge with Alexis Ohanian and Zach Anner

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  • How well do reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and Zach Anner, star of reddit’s first originally produced series, “Riding Shotgun,” know their subreddits? Watch as the funny duo sweats through our subreddit challenge in the What’s Trending studio.

    They also dish out the What’s Trending exclusive that the series officially kicks off on October 9!

    Alexis first discovered Zach when the comedian popped up on the front page of reddit. Zach was the bubbly and infectious personality behind a viral audition video for a show on Oprah’s Network. While Zach won the opportunity to create his own program, it didn’t last very long on television. But Alexis, along with many other supportive fans, knew that this talent just couldn’t go to waste.

    With help from his company Breadpig, Alexis resurrected Zach’s show and produced it the way it was supposed to be done for an Internet audience. The brand new, first ever Reddit-powered show, “Riding Shotgun,” follows funny man Zach on a wild tour around America, as he hangs out with Redditors and experiences their perfect days in their respective cities.

    “I have learned so much about Redditors and I have been naked so many times, it’s not even funny,” Zach jokes. “I added that to almost everyone’s perfect day.”

    Alexis takes a moment to praise the overwhelming power behind the reddit community, which is 42 million strong as of last month. “The community…does a great job every day at creating awesome content,” Alexis says. “Whether that’s a rousing dialogue on historical ‘what if’s…to sharing photos of corgis on the corgi subreddit, which is a favorite of mine.”

    It’s astounding to think that when reddit started, it was just Alexis and co-founder Steve Huffman brainstorming in a little apartment. “We knew there was no way we were going to build a front page of the Internet if we didn’t have a lot of help from users,” Alexis says. “As long as we stayed true to our user base by making good product and being good to them, it was going to turn out okay.”

    And now they’re launching their first original series this Fall!

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