The Fine Bros. Celebrate 8 Years of Online Video From Kids React to MyMusic

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  • The Fine Brothers – Benny and Rafi – stop by What’s Trending to celebrate eight full years of hilarious, viral, and diverse online videos!

    The brothers sit down with Shira to answer fan questions and share how they got started as writers/directors, other sibling filmmaking teams that influence them and their move to the “Transmedia” world with the debut of the extremely meta MyMusic channel.

    We also surprise The Fine Bros. with a mega mashup of some of their greatest hits (below), including a LOST/Star Wars parody, Saved by the Bell interactive game, Elders React to Dubstep. PLUS frequent Fine Bros. collaborator Lisa Schwartz sends along a special anniversary message!

    So, what was life like before YouTube? “A lot of Quicktime files on your own website,” Benny says. No ability to embed; lots of sites crashing. Sounds fun!

    “For us, being online even from the start was always about not just doing things like everybody had been doing forever on TV or film. It was to do something different,” Rafi says.

    Once YouTube annotations emerged, the duo realized that new possibilities were open to invite audiences to help tell these stories online. And they’ve been blazing the YouTube trail ever since.

    “We put the ‘new’ in new media. That’s what we always like to say,” Benny adds.

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