Reddit Co-Founder’s Internet 2012 Bus Tour Campaigns For Free and Open Internet

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  • This Fall, reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, reddit General Manager Erik Martin, and a small group of people journalists and documentary crew members will embark on a heroic journey to fight for an open Internet — that is, an Internet free of government restricitions, censorship, and regulation.

    The Internet 2012 Bus Tour will travel across the nation, campaigning for the open Internet as well as collecting, documenting, and sharing stories that exemplify the power of the Internet. The team will also focus on celebrating companies that support an open Internet and encouraging more engineers and entrepreneurs to make their voices heard in local government.

    Jeremiah Warren‘s video urges that this is not a red or a blue issue, rather, “The open Internet is about the freedom for America to help themselves, and it’s an enormous engine for economic growth. Let’s make sure both political parties, media everywhere, and local governments recognize it this Fall.”

    For more info, visit or check out the Internet2012 subreddit.

    Earlier this September, Alexis Ohanian stopped by What’s Trending to give the scoop about reddit’s first originally produced series, “Riding Shotgun,” starring Zach Anner. The revolutionary duo also braved through our subreddit challenge, showing off their true knowledge of the crazier corners of Alexis’ link sharing site.

  • This past May, on the What’s Trending first anniversary show during Internet Week NY, Alexis also sat down with Shira and Tumblr CEO David Karp to discuss the cyber security bill CISPA, their conflicted views on Facebook’s IPO and what it means to be twentysomething and running your own multi-million dollar company.

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